Past, A Window to the Future~An AsYa Short Story Pt 2

Part 2
Asad on the other hand was very surprised by her reaction.  “Ajeeb Larki hai, Pehle mujhe muskurane Kai liye kehti hai aur phir khud hi pata nahi kis cheez se darke bhag gayi!” With that Asad to came to his bedroom.  He tucked himself into the covers but couldn’t go to sleep.  He lay there for a few hours and then started thinking about Zoya’s reaction earlier.  He didn’t know what is for, but it was fear that had made her run from there like that.  He was getting up to go outside again when he heard her scream! He ran to her room and Ammi and Najma were taking care of her.  She was pale as a paper and her forehead was sweating as she had just seen a ghost and he recognized the expression because it matched the one he had seen when she ran from the backyard!  Something was totally up, he could tell.  He would have to ask her somehow without seeming too obvious, just then he was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard her say, “Phupi I’m fine, sirf ek bura khawab tha!” Yes something is defiantly up, he’s just going to have to ask her and deal with everything else later, he was once again pulled out of his thoughts,  but this time it was Ammi and Najma leaving. He quickly glanced over to her and walked towards his room when something clicked.  He could make coffee for her like she did when she came to comfort him in time of his need.
He walked over to the kitchen but then he remembered than she never liked her coffee black n bitter the way it tasted perfect to him, so he walked back to his room and searched how to make “milky coffee” and watched a few videos and went back to make the coffee! It was so hard work and what’s the point of coffee if your going to dilute it down! He jus couldn’t understand it! But none the less he made coffee and took it over to where he knew she will be.  “Wait, what? I don’t know where she is and where she goes when she’s sad, I just saw her walking by the room so I’m just assuming that she went to the bench by my room. Nothing more!” He thought to himself! He did find her there! She was sitting with her eyes closed, tears falling down her cheeks, and looking defeated. Something happened to his stomach like it fell or something but he couldn’t understand why felt like this.  He didn’t know why it matter so much to him to know what was bothering her, he looked at her once again and he didn’t like what he saw there.  He didn’t like this Zoya that was defeated and scared, he wanted his old Zoya back! He wanted her to tease him, laugh, make sarcastic comments, do all the nautanki in the world, and make up that bad Shyari on the spot.  He knew that he had a soft corner for Zoya, they started out on the wrong foot but he had grown fond of her, even tough he would never admit it to anyone! She was beautiful, smart, and full of life! He was sometimes jealous of her life being so easy.  She hadn’t noticed him coming and he was just lost in his thoughts….again! He really needed to get a grip on his thoughts! He needs to resort his life which has been literally shaken once the day Zoya had came into his life.
Cutting of his thoughts, he cleared his throat and she slowly opened her eyes but didn’t look his way, so he offered the coffee and told her, “jitne mushkil aap ke liye meri black n bitter coffee banani hai, usse kahi Zadda mushkil aap ki yeh milky coffee banani thi!” She didn’t respond but just took the cup from his hand, something big was bothering her otherwise she would have defiantly made a sarcastic remark back to him, and even though he usually hated when she did that, hr actually wanted her to do that right now!  When she didn’t move any further he said, “Miss Farooqui, muskurana koi buri baat nahi hai! Bhalahi muskurana se musibaat door nahi hoti, Lakin us ko face karne ki himat to aajati hai!” She pouted her lip really cutely and said, “Mr. Khan, aap meri lines mujhyi par use kar rahe ho!”  So he said, “iss me ek addition hai, ki dil ki baat kissi se share karne se dukh or daar dono door ho jaate Hain!” He held his breath hoping that she will tell him what it was, and finally she opened up.”
She told him everything.  How she had these nightmares since she was a little kid and how she was super scared and how she had lost her Ammi when she was little but had never been to her mother’s grave because she didn’t know where her mother was buried.  He was curious why she didn’t talk about her father, and asked her something that he immediately regretted asking, “aur aap ke Abu?” Her eyes swelled up with tears and he was about to say sorry when she said, “mein Bachpan se akali hu, Mr. Khan! Mujhe apne Abu ka naam tak nahi patta, bus sirf do Saal Pehle  itna patta laga ki wo India, I mean yah in Bhopal mein Hain! Aur zinda Hain, aur main stupid sirf kuch letters aur photographs lakke unhe dhoond rahi hoon, bine yei Jaane ki jab mein unse miloongi to kya boh mujhe accept bhi karenga ya nahi!”  She started sobbing and he couldn’t control anymore so he warped an arm around her and she softly slid into him and cried, she cried a lot! He felt really sorry for all the time he talked bad to her, in truth she was much more stronger than him.  She was trying to search a father who abandoned her and her mother when she was little who just disappeared into thin air and at least he was lucky enough that he knew his father, and at least had his Ammi, Najma, and Ayaan and his other too sisters, but she was all alone.
A few minutes later he noticed that she had fallen asleep on his shoulder and his eyes were all swollen from crying so much.  She felt so right in his arms.  He didn’t want to let her go, he wanted to keep her safe there with him.  He placed a soft kiss into her hair and then mentally kicked himself for doing so.  “I need to control myself, or it’ll go far!” He said out loud! He picked her up in his arms, she was very light and he just loved the way she snuggled into him like she belonged there every time he picked her up. Smiling to himself, he went to her room and tucked her in her covers, but she wouldn’t let go of him, her arms were still snaked around his neck and all of a sudden she started crying in her sleep, “please don’t leave me Ammi! Ammi! Ammi! Ammi aag! Ammi batchao aag!” His eyes became tear filled as she woke up once again, and he started to rub her hands and soothing her forehead.  “It’s okay, it’s okay, Zoya! I’m here, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you! I’ll keep you safe!” She hugged him once again and started crying! “Asad, I’m so scared.”

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Past, A Window to the Future~An AsYa Short Story Pt 1

Part 1
It’s true that Zoya had never understood Mr. Khan, and didn’t think she ever will.  One second he is saying that he wants to punish the person responsible for causing his Ammi pain, and the next second he’s giving her the biggest pain of her life.  Even tough she too along with Mr. Khan had seen Rashid take out that skeleton from the Gudiya Factory, she somehow believed that Rashid was innocent and that he was being framed! She may not personally know Rashid but every time she met him, there was a sense of regret, loss, pain, guilt, and above all fear in his eyes! The time they had met at the darga, he had seen her in pain and helped her, even tough being a complete stranger.  She may not be the best judger in the world, but she could tell by looking at Rashid that this man was nice and gentle and he couldn’t even hurt a fly in his life, he wasn’t capable of murder, no not one bit, but she had still stood by Asad and helped him in doing what he thought was right! She knew that like she told her API that she has to find her past to move forward in life, so did Mr. Khan, he needed to be straight up confronted about it so that he could just deal with it and move on in life, and unfortunately at the moment, this was the only solution.  That is the reason she had stood by him, and of course lets not forget that it felt like the right thing to do in her heart, and she still couldn’t figure out why that was!??
Lost in her thoughts, Zoya took the cup of coffee she had made for Mr. Khan in her hands and walked towards where she knew he will be at this hour, in the backyard! Wow! she when did she start knowing Jhapana Six Packs so much? And then as if frightened by her train of thought, she scolded herself, “That’s it Zoya! Stop thinking bout irrelevant things, you didn’t know that he was there, you just saw him going out his room towards the backyard. That’s it! Nothing else!”
Zoya smiled as she reached the backyard and found him standing there arms folded and taking the warmth of the fire.  Fire! Her smile dropped as she made out what was in front of her, and just as if on cue, Mr. Khan turned around.  She didn’t want to show how weak she was to Mr. Khan.  She had once let her guard down when she had told him how much she relied on him, but she would never let her guard go down again! Forcing the smile back on her face, she said, “Coffee, Mr. Khan.”
He just stared at her as if he knew something was up with her, but she continued with her blabbering. She needed something to distract her from that fire! So she decided to criticize him, “Mr. Khan, muskurana koi buri baat nahi hai! Bhalahi muskurana se musibaat door nahi hoti, Lakin us ko face karne ki himat to aajati hai!”  And then she saw that Mr. Khan smirked a bit, she felt her stomach do a little flip and heat rushing up to her cheeks, she quickly looked away, but that away led to fire, and she got what she didn’t want! All those unwanted memories, memories? she didn’t know if they were memories, so nightmares, all those nightmares came crashing on to her as she stared into the fire! The noises, her screams, the flames, the hurt, everything! She felt her feet just got wet with a really hot liquid and she realized that she had just dropped the coffee cup and Mr. Khan was looking at her with concern in his eyes towards her. She had to get out of there, out of there before it got too late and she actually started living her nightmare and started yelling like she did in her nightmares! This hadn’t happened in a while but she used to do that every time she saw fire when she was little! So before all that came out, she turned around and ran out of there into her bedroom and quickly jumped onto her bed.

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Soulful Connection~An OS on AsYa

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I’m back with more blabbering, so like I promised on Friday, here is my interpretation/views/expectations/dreams about the “talking to Asad” scene!!! I was extremely hoping for their first real hug, unlike that hug in the December 29 episode where he mistakes her for Ayan in the dark when she’s looking for her earring in his room! But it didn’t happen so I thought I could make it happen! After all who has the better imagination than a fan!! Hehe…btw, I don’t exactly remember if I promised, but if I didn’t, we can just pretend like I did, and I’m telling you if I write like this in my EWRT 1B class, actually any class where I have to write an essay, I would have A’s, but lets forget my depressing school life an focus on task at hand, before I get sidetracked….AGAIN! So without further ado, here you go!:

Soulful Connection

Zoya jumped in the room as silently as she could, she could see Asad’s head from the back. He was sitting on the floor leaned against his bed, knees into his chest and his arms wrapped around his knees. She couldn’t believe that this man whom she had always teased him of being a lion, but today here he was sitting like a scared and hurt child. Ignoring the sad feeling she got inside her looking at him, she picked up the brownies and coffee cup she had brought and actually made for him.
She slowly bent down and put the brownie plate slightly on his arm, but he just stared and didn’t respond at all. She sat down and tried again, and this time she at least got a push on the plate. “Fine, agar aapko ko kuch nahi khana hai to your wish! Lakin please yeh coffee pe lejiya!” She moved forward the cup and he pushed it again. She put the cup on the floor, sat against the bed, and said, “yeh aap ne thik nahi kiya Mr. Khan! Aap ko pata hai Mr. Khan, maine apne dil pe pathar rakh ke, apni cooking skills side pe rakh ke, aap ke jaise black n bitter coffee banaiye, or appne to usse asa phanka jaise this coffee isn’t your cup of tea!” After all that blabbering he still didn’t change, so she came back to where she had started.
She slightly touched his arm and he broke down completely! He swung forward and hugged her as if he was waiting for a human touch to comfort him. To say she was caught off guard was an understatement, she was beyond shocked, she hadn’t expected him to react this way, at the most she had expected was that if he was angry he would yell at her, but now she put all that aside, because in her arms was a man whom she had always relied on for strength crying! It felt right that he seeked comfort from her, and putting her brain aside , she did what was right in her heart! She hugged him back, she hugged him tightly letting him know that she can lend him all the strength she had. She ran her hand through his hair as to calm him down, but that did little, so she spoke what she felt she should say, and it was nothing but the truth.
“Aap ko pata hai Mr. Khan, aapki aur meri bilkool bhi nahi baanti, Lakin jab bhi main kissi bhi musibaat mein hoti hu to mere dil mein iik bishvas rehta hai, ki Mr. Khan hai na, vo sab thik kardenge!”
By this time he had calmed down and was just against her soft body, it seemed like he felt comfort there and didn’t want to let go just yet, so she let him be and continued to soothe him and tell him he needed to hear.
“Aur hum kissi bhi baat pe agree bhi nahi karte, aur main to aap ke Ghar mein guest hu, aap ki marzi ke bina reh rahi hu, aur agar mein aap par or aapki strength pe itna rely kar sakti hu to sochiya Phuphi aur Najma kitna karte hoonge! Aap unka Sahara hein, aap iss Ghar ka vo pillar Hain jo is Ghar ko jood ke rakh tha hai, aur agar aap hi toot jaiyenge to….! She just couldn’t finish. She just started crying herself. He pulled back and looked at her, she was crying and he couldn’t help but notice the deep pain in her eyes. He wiped her tears, his expression said that he couldn’t see the tear in her eyes. She should have been surprised, but she wasn’t for some reason! She was actually relieved that he had come back from his little shell. He was just looking at her and suddenly she felt conscious of her surroundings, he had pulled away a bit but still hung on to her whilst she was still running her hand in his hair. She felt embarrassed so she decided to pull away, but he stopped her. She didn’t want to look at him because she knew her face was red as a tomato, but he picked up her face with his hands and said, “Thank you. For being here.” She knew that he may not be a 100% cured, but he was coming back, and that’s all he needed and that’s all she wanted! So trying not to make the situation anymore awkward, she picked up the coffee and smiled a little, this time he took the coffee, and she said, “glad to help, Mr. Khan!” And left Asad in his room alone and wondering what had just happened?

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