My Apologies!!

Sorry to everyone who reads and follows my blog I’ve been extremely busy with personal stuff so haven’t been able to update but will try to re-run my blog! I will be posting a few videos n articles soon and working on the next installment of my Short Story and I believe about 3 More parts left n ythe n I will be finishing the SS! So plz bear with me and thanks as always for all ur support and love!!

Much Love,

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My detective eyes say…..

My detective eyes say that Tanveer is the real Billo rani!

i noticed in the beginning that tanveer’s hand are slim with long fingers and fingernails n no nail polish worn, sleeve pulled back and no bangels in hand. photo (3)photophoto (1)photo (2)photo (4) photo (5)  Billo’s hand shown before and after “the search” has bangels, bulky hand, short nails, and nail polish on nails! Also in the photo frame, their is a shadow hard to see from still but the hair in the frame is open and Billo has a braid! the bodice seen is also white while Billo is wearing a blue sari! And Tanveer is more startled coming out of the room which is not even her’s but rather Dilshad’s! where their is a possibilty of the doll! unlike Asad’s room shown before!