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My detective eyes say…..

My detective eyes say that Tanveer is the real Billo rani!

i noticed in the beginning that tanveer’s hand are slim with long fingers and fingernails n no nail polish worn, sleeve pulled back and no bangels in hand. photo (3)photophoto (1)photo (2)photo (4) photo (5)  Billo’s hand shown before and after “the search” has bangels, bulky hand, short nails, and nail polish on nails! Also in the photo frame, their is a shadow hard to see from still but the hair in the frame is open and Billo has a braid! the bodice seen is also white while Billo is wearing a blue sari! And Tanveer is more startled coming out of the room which is not even her’s but rather Dilshad’s! where their is a possibilty of the doll! unlike Asad’s room shown before!

Friendship Vs Love – Asad to be Torn between Zoya and Tanveer? – Qubool Hai!

Friendship Vs Love – Asad to be Torn between Zoya and Tanveer? – Qubool Hai!

by 2 Forum 32 on March 7, 2013 in Qubool Hai

Friendship is a strong bond. It is one relationship that we always choose. Tanveer is a childhood friend of Asad Ahmed Khan’s (Karan Singh Grover). We will see that they will meet again after some years perhaps under extreme conditions. Tanveer (Nisha Nagpal)has met with an accident and Asad rushed to the scene. He is frantically looking for her and on seeing her rushes and hugs her. This is what we saw in the Precap.

Unknown to Asad Ahmed Khan, Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) watched all this play out right in front of her. What she believed to be was a mad dash for her, was in fact for someone else. It broke her heart. As she watched with tears rolling down her cheeks, she realized that last night, the fight in the morning did not mean any more to him than a mere mental aberration. A Bhang induced moment where one does remember all that happened but was unable to control one’s reaction or tongue. It was like getting stuck in a time warp, they had kept laughing and talking.

But the next day had been as heavy as the head that felt like a boulder. Asad had been mad. Well, rightly so (a giggle escaped?). But seriously, was that all just because of Bhang? He had said such wonderful things to her. But the day had just gotten worse. First a broken heart then the accident. He did not care for her. Zoya turned and walked away as she saw him nurse a girl’s wound with legs that felt like wood. She felt faint. So far she had been unmindful of the scrapes she had gotten and her head hurt where she had banged against the window as the bus had crashed. She suddenly felt woozy and legs unsteady.

She thought she heard someone call her name but dismissed it as a whim. She thought it was Asad calling her name but she knew for sure that he was not even aware of her presence there. She treaded on.

Asad had been talking to Tanveer on the phone. His head was not alright, first the Bhang then the chicanery by Zoya and Aayan (Rishabh Sinha). He could not come to terms with the thought that Zoya would dupe him in this manner. The woman he had just told that she made his nights brighten had tried to stall him from reaching the courts.Why? Now, out of the blue Tanveer called him. And just as he was to cut the call, he heard her scream.

He had gone in search of her to see if she was alright. She had told that she was coming back to Bhopal and was on Highway 13. He had found her. His relief knew no bound. He had hugged her. He had nursed her and as he was taking her to his car, when he saw pink ( no, not red, pink, that’s right). He stopped. It was her iPad. It had to be hers. He rushed to it, picked it up. There was blood on it. He scanned the area and whispered, “Zoya”! He got up and rushed, in which direction he did not know, just screaming Zoya’s name, he rushed where the police and nurses where taking people to give first aid. He had chaos in his head. Zoya. He searched through cars, taxis and ran like demons were behind him.

Then he saw her, trudging slowly walking away from him. He screamed once again, Zoya! Could she not hear him? He screamed one more time and increased pace then as he was about to reach her he saw feet falter and slump. He reached out and caught her as she fainted in his arms. Zoya, he screamed.

Asad Ahmed Khan is a man in love. With Zoya. He will be torn between an old friend and his new love. And yes we see obstacles. Obstacles in form of Tanveer who will perhaps try to pull Asad closer to her. Obstacles in form of Zoya and her antics. She has the foot-in-the-mouth disease, act before thinking and the impulsive nature of hers will not score any brownie points with the Lion. His mistrust of her behavior will perhaps be the biggest hurdle in their love story. They both love each other, though they still have not come to terms with that and it will be their very nature that will keep them apart.

Qubool Hai yet again has opened up avenues, to explore relationships that will perhaps show you, the audience, the mirror. To re-look at how we treat our friends, our loved ones and even ourselves. With every twist in the tale the story enhances a viewer’s pleasure as it allows you to explore and experience every emotion. Qubool Hai airs Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV. Don’t forget to tune in to experience the highs and lows of emotions that every human has.

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Tangled Web between Asad, Ayaan, Zoya and Tanveer in Qubool Hai
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Forum 32 article w/o pics!!

Tangled Web between Asad, Ayaan, Zoya and Tanveer in Qubool Hai

by 2 Forum 32 on March 4, 2013 in Qubool Hai

After all the drama that the audiences have seen in Qubool Hai, now time for some romance between Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti), some movement between Aayan Ahmed Khan (Rishabh Sinha) and Zoya and rekindling of old friendships between Asad and Tanveer (Nisha Nagpal). Qubool Hai has been a roller coaster ride for the audience with high emotion, high drama and some violent moments between the protagonist, antagonist and others who all play an important role in this family saga. This story of two estranged families is a high voltage series with enough twists, intrigue and conspiracies to keep you rooted. The story continues with some interesting characters entering the show and equation between the present characters changing due to situation. One needs to keep abreast of this show lest one misses important sequences, well that is something that the producer would hope for and the audience who watch the daily soap expect.

We saw, Aayan and Zoya, though not meet, work out a scheme to keep Asad away from the court hearing. A plan that would work and lead to a misunderstanding between Asad and Zoya. A night spent together, to seek shelter from rain will bring Asad and Zoya that much closer. However, will this closeness be short lived? This week will bring to fore what they feel for each other perhaps.

We as audience will see some comic moment where Aayan becomes a ghost and tries to scare Asad and moments where Asad and Zoya that perhaps we should simply call sizzling. The audience is in for a treat. The pictures we will share now will give you glimpse of that. However, everyone has heard of the new entry. We introduce Tanveer.

At this point, what we can give you is a brief sketch of Tanveer. She is childhood friend of Asad’s and they will meet again. How? This is something you will watch in coming episodes. Tanveer is played by a new entrant in the TV industry, Nisha Nagpal, who has done one episode in Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek and a movie which is 50% complete. She came in through the auditions given and is happy to be working with Karan Singh Grover (who wouldn’t?). A sweet natured person is what she has to portray and will something happen between Asad and Tanveer remains to be seen. Whether she will create a rift between Zoya and Asad also remains to be seen. However, when we spoke to her about her role, she said that she is excited about this show. We wish her all the best on her advent in the daily soap scenario.