Kalma Tere Naam Ka [Download Version]


this is the song you guys wanted to download so this is my copy of the song and i enabled downloading so feel free to download! thanks!


Qubool Hai MahaSangam Promo


The new MahaSangam Promo!! Excited and it looks like Asad gonna confess……maybe!? Or he just wants to say I can’t get married!!…..I hope not……😢 But very excited for the upcoming epis! Enjoy all!
Disclaimer: I DONOT own anything! entertainment only!

My Apologies!!

Sorry to everyone who reads and follows my blog I’ve been extremely busy with personal stuff so haven’t been able to update but will try to re-run my blog! I will be posting a few videos n articles soon and working on the next installment of my Short Story and I believe about 3 More parts left n ythe n I will be finishing the SS! So plz bear with me and thanks as always for all ur support and love!!

Much Love,

@iloveasrnjazz and ilovearnavkhush ❤❤

Attention all Fans!!!

Attention all readers and fans!

im very excited to put forth this site where I have try to put any or all again fiction related to Qubool Hai!! Please be considerate of the fact that the forum “forbids” the copying of any text, and also since I didn’t write any of the FFs, OS, or SS all material will be in link form taking you o the page on India Forums! They only “words” I will be posting will be my analysis of episodes and/or any fiction work I may end up writing.  So please cooperate and try to understand my point of view! Other than that the blogspot is yours to visit anytime! I also want to clarify once again that I will not be owning all the work put up on this site and it is merely for helping Fans purposes!


ilovearnavkhush (India Forum account name)

ENJOY and lots of love!!!