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“Spoiler for Monday : during jasn-e-bahara current chala jata hai! tanveer ne ye sab kia.

zoya ko abhi se shak ho jaega & sangeet me zoya detective banegi. ab dekhna ye hai zoya dhoond pati hai tanveer ka asli face ya nahi.” Credit goes to Asad.Zoya FB page!

translation: during jashn-e-bahar the lights will go out due to TanVeer and Zoya will start suspecting TanVeer and in the Sangeet ceremony Zoya will Play Detective and lets see if our Ms. Sherlock Holmes can uncover TanVeer’s real face or not……….

My detective eyes say…..

My detective eyes say that Tanveer is the real Billo rani!

i noticed in the beginning that tanveer’s hand are slim with long fingers and fingernails n no nail polish worn, sleeve pulled back and no bangels in hand. photo (3)photophoto (1)photo (2)photo (4) photo (5)  Billo’s hand shown before and after “the search” has bangels, bulky hand, short nails, and nail polish on nails! Also in the photo frame, their is a shadow hard to see from still but the hair in the frame is open and Billo has a braid! the bodice seen is also white while Billo is wearing a blue sari! And Tanveer is more startled coming out of the room which is not even her’s but rather Dilshad’s! where their is a possibilty of the doll! unlike Asad’s room shown before!

Daily Analysis Episode 89

This is only an Analysis and not an Update. 🙂

To start this off, I would like to say that this episode was magic in itself, and I didn’t fail to see the magic between AsYa, however I must say that other than AsYa scenes, I didn’t feel the usual magic in the show today! Yesterday was just wow! The after action and Zoya being mad and the whole 9 yds! Firstly I think they are stretching this “saazish” track a bit too much!! This track should have been over this week but it seems they want to keep it going for about a week or so, if not more! I am also disappointed from yesterday’s episode because I felt that when Hassena B was dis-ing Zoya that it will be Asad to the rescue instead of Dilshad and when Dilshad came forth, I was expecting Asad to witness this scene. But that was yesterday, the even more disappointing moment came today when I found out that the whole situation was no where to be even remembered! Must say that Zoya’s Shyari was amazing today!!! I loved both of them! Superb acting by both Surbhi and KSG as always!!! Also superb acting by Alka Kaushal! Man the woman can give you nightmares just by talking! Loved her thinking but seriously who keeps that big of a rope in their bedroom drawer!? Really? Yeah it’s like, don’t you dare talk to me like that, cuz look at what i got!
Oh well….nice acting by Dadi n I must give a standing ovation to ketaki kadam aka Humera! I was like damn girl, even Zoya could have ever slapped the man she loves!! I actually feel sorry for her, she stuck between love and mother. She seems to be in denial that her mother could ever do something like that but she also doesn’t want to see her love in such pain, and today’s slap was merely her standing up for her mother, which I feel Zoya hasn’t even done! Asad has accused Zoya’s mother of raising her as a bad n irresponsible person, but she never seem to actually stand up for the mother, I’m not saying that she was swrong in any way, maybe it was too painful to even try, maybe she feels like she doesn’t owe an explanation to anyone about her life and the way she is and raised, but coming back to Humera, I’m glad she stood up for her Ammi, any good kid would have done that, and the only harm I see with that is that she needs to upgrade her program!!!
Asad and Dilshad moments were pretty intense n powerful on Dilshad’s part! Last but not the least, the two #MitwaIshqPeZorNahi we got in today’s episode were long due!!! I do feel that the first one was way more emotional than the second one! I think in the first one Zoya realizes how much Asad cares for her and how much he is doing for her! On Asad’s part he could see her gratitude towards him and the fact that it really meant a lot to her that he helped her! I think from Asad’s POV, he also say that there was fear in her eyes that finally after so long she has a point n if this is it will her father except her? I think Asad was also confused with why the guilt, which he later understands off course!
n Ayan was much appreciate in the fact that he is gonna fight for Rashid but no in the fact that he is gonna finally meet Zoya!!!! He is such a kabob mein Haddi!!! Don’t want him to be running such a beautiful relation between AsYa!!!
That’s all Folks!
Lots of love
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Daily Analysis: Episode 85


To all Readers, this is not an update, but rather an analysis of the Episode!
Couldn’t bring myself to write a daily analysis on this episode! It’s just beyond my words and every time I try I start crying, but I must say that every time I see this episode, I feel that Asad has finally broken into many pieces.  He looks extremely vulnerable and when Zoya comes in through the window he doesn’t seem to mind, because he feels that’s all what he has left and he doesn’t want to push it away! It’s nice to see how people change, it use to be Ammi and Najma always but now it seems Zoya has made more space in his heart! He always holds himself in front of Ammi n especially Najma but not in front of Zoya anymore! Loved AsYa bonding when she’s telling him how much she relies on him n he needs to put himself together for Ammi n Najma! The look he gave her was just petrifying! He seem to finally understand that he can rely on someone else once in a while, and at that moment the look that passed between the two and Zoya closing her eyes seemed image she was saying, “don’t worry I’ll lend you all the strength you want!” All through out the episode this seems to be true! When Ammi looks away he looks at Zoya first and she answers with her eyes and he finally lets Najma take his place and looks at Zoya who seems to say with her eyes, talk to her, apologies, do anything but don’t just leave her like that!  And finally Asad tells his Ammi his side of the story and how he feels, at this point Ammi seemed pretty understanding and it seems she makes up her mind that this time that she will have to temporarily choose her husband over her son because he’s actually wrong this time! imageFor some reason I have a feeling that Dilshad understands that how much Zoya means to Asad now and that Zoya will take care of Asad while she fulfills her duty as a wife! Asad seem to be heavily relying on Zoya like she was his wife(like I said in one of my prior analysis)! Even tough Zoya still considers herself to be the guest, Asad seems to consider her family already! When Zoya is serving Asad breakfast he asks if Ammi has already eaten to Zoya as if it was an expected thing that she’s taken care of everyone in the family before coming to him(like a typical wife and bahu will do for the family), and surprisingly Zoya too sub consciously seem to think of herself as his wife, because she actually did take care of everything! It was pretty evident that when she said “I sent Najma to Phuphi’s room with breakfast,” that she made sure Najma had eaten and then take food for Phuphi and then was there to make sure that Asad had also eaten unlike last night!  I mean she was serving him, like she could bring herself to trust that he would eat if she wasn’t there! imageAnd when Dilshad leaves saying all those things to Asad, instead of walking of angry like he would usually do, he just turned around to look at Zoya like what do I do now! An she seem to say let it go for the moment!  Asad seem to again hold on to her figuretivly, for strength like he may fall apart again if Zoya wasn’t there to hold him! All in all very emotional episode and AsYa bond/relationship seem to grow from mutual friends to essentially soulmates(out of their knowledge off course!) !!! imageTheir is nothing more I can say besides that I think this the best way I’ve seen a show lead to a love track! Although I am a big fan of IPKKND, I must say that even in ArShi relationship love seem to start from looks, mere touches, and Rabba Ve moments done only based on physical attraction rather than spiritual, which seemed to me like was not realistic! In my mind, ArShi love and real relationship didn’t start until they started connecting on a spiritual level with Rabba Ve moments based on feelings and understanding rather than physical attraction or mere touches, which didn’t start till after marriage! But coming back to AsYa, for some reason their start of love seems more realistic! I don’t feel like the heroine just falls, trips, ends up somehow in heros arms, and they have an eye lock, and boom! They realize he/she is the one! Love doesn’t happen like that! Love is more about  spiritually connecting to a soul you have been waiting for all your life! It’s a beautiful feeling! You can’t see the soul hurting, you want them to know you’ll be there no matter what, your just made for each other! AsYa started out as Asad seeing Zoya during which she was vulnerable and crying in the darga!  IMG_0789Like IPKKND started out with Khushi falling in Arnav’s arms, a physical thing, while AsYa share(w/o Zoya knowing) a spiritual moment before they actually collide and fight with each other aka the physical thing! AsYa in this episode were extremely connected spiritually which is why (now it finally dawns upon me!) they didn’t share any touches in this episode! I was extremely disappointed that the episode didn’t fit my image! I’ll be posting my view later! But now I’m more respectful of the episode than disappointed!!! Actually I’m not disappointed at all now! Standing ovation to Asad and Zoya aka Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti or our sweet KarBhi!!!! Hats of to the director and editors, it was one hell of a good executed episode!!!
That’s all folks!
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Disclaimer: My intentions were never to offend ArShi, IPKKND, or ant fan! I’m an extremely proud fan of IPKKND myself, but I just couldn’t resist comparing and since apart from Qubool Hai, IPKKND is the only other drama/daily soap I’ve ever watched, it’s the only one I could compare it to! So sorry once again, no offense was meant!
Thanks for reading my views and sorry it was more of a AsYa relationship analysis in the episode rather than the episode analysis but that’s as much about I could bring my self to write without crying!
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Daily Analysis 21 February 2013

To all Readers, this is not an update, but rather an analysis of the Episode!

Omg! What an episode!!!!! Today’s episode is definitely worth going on and on about, so going to try to go in scenes but forgive me merely going off memory here! So here it is:

Scene 1:
Asad’s entry was done beautifully the way he enters felt a bit like a slow motion scene but done with great tension off course! Loved the way how Zoya was handling Dilshad and how she told Najma to stop worrying but rather take Dilshad to her room to rest and that she will explain later!  Zoya’s worry about everything totally gave me the whole “daughter-in-law” vibe and must say she did fulfill the role perfectly! For a second there, I did believe that Zoya and Asad were married already! She took care of everyone nicely!
Scene 2:
Asad’s breaking of things was also done flawlessly! Once again KSG did great with all the expressions and tension filled acting! Zoya also once again did a brilliant job of entering Asad’s room! I was actually surprised that he didn’t even say anything to her for barging in like that rather than yell at her like his usual self! Surbhi did the whole coming in looking surprised and then noticing blood n wound on his hand and going and coming back with first aid perfectly!!! Completely flawless! Nobody else could’ve done a better job! Well done Surbhi! Loved when Zoya comes back with a first aid kit, and her concern, and teary eyes seeing Asad in such a vulnerable state! Zoya putting the first aid kit down and slowly grabbing his hand (without his permission I may add, like she was just suppose to do that, and Asad didn’t seem to mind, I mean hey, he didn’t jerk his hand away! I think he was actually expecting this from her, like he was waiting for her. Very sweet I may add!) anyways where was I yes, Zoya putting the first aid kit and slowly grabbing his hand earned us a very touchy, mushy, romantic, and sad, yes sad, #MitwaIshqPeZorNahi !!! Sorry for using twitter style but its got a nice vibe to it in this format! Anyways back to the scene.  The ‘Mitwa’ moment was totally from Asad’s side today, because today he truly saw how much Zoya cared for him and how much she was hurting because he was hurting! Asad finally gets the courage to ask about ‘Ammi’ and finds out that Zoya has already taken care of ‘Ammi’ and has now come to take care of him! Get the wifey feeling yet? You know what I mean right, she’s doing way much more than his sister and he totally was looking at her with those eyes that said, “thanks for being a good wife and being here for me, don’t know what I’ll do without you!” Anyways, Zoya tells him everything has been taken care of and that she also understands the state he is in but he needs to calm down! For the first time he didn’t say, “No, aap nahi janti ki mujh pe kya beit rahi hai!” And Zoya goes on saying that Dilshad has seen many things in life but she won’t be able to see that her husband and son are fighting! Loved how Asad answered that he can’t be that son, who couldn’t do anything for his mother! With this Asad leaves telling Zoya that he will do the right thing, and the fact that he leaves Zoya and doesn’t say what he’s going to do tells us that she is the only one who can get to him and he knew that if he told her the plan she would convince him of doing otherwise and he won’t be able to refuse her.
Scene 3:
Rashid is so slow, but better latte than never! Finally the turtle has caught up to the cunning rabbit Raziya! Finally he figured out what’s going on and I screamed when he entered and said, “RAZIYA!!!” Awesome scene! The holding on neck and calling Dilshad “biwi” and Shirin just staring at him was great! Loved all the blames and man or should I say woman Alka Kaushal never fails to impress me even more every single day!!!! Well done Alka!!! Anyways loved how police got there exactly on time, but hated Feroz first looking towards Raziya but arresting Rashid! Oh I forgot, how can I, silly me, Loved how Rashid did the complete “Khamosh!!!!” Scene with “Mammujaan” and loved how Aayan is looking all hmmm….not bad for first time dad!!! 😉 Hehe…! 🙂 Loved Rashid defending his family!
Scene 4:
Dilshad!!!! How can you slap Asad!!!? He wasn’t wrong in protecting you! But I was so crying when Asad had the broken look on his face after the slap! Another well done to KSG for this scene! Man was on a roll today, not that he isn’t everyday, but just a tad bit more today! Again loved the way Zoya took care of Ammi/Phuphi but that’s not what surprised me, but the thing that did was that Dilshad didn’t listen to Najma or even respond to her, but just as Zoya told her to rest and Najma to take her to the room, she didn’t argue but just left quietly with Najma! Wow Zoya, the future hubby listens, ye to manna, but Sassoo ma too! Damn girl!
Promo Analysis:
Again not surprised that Najma couldn’t enter but Zoya got the entry in NO ENTRY zone aka Asad’s room! Loved how she’s trying to make him eat and how he seems to feel comfortable with Zoya being their while he’s literally broken and crying on the floor balled up in a ball! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode I have a feeling he’s going to be in Zoya’s arms crying tomorrow idk why?
That’s all folks!
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I'm gonna kill you!

I’m gonna kill you!

Please Mr. Khan

Please Mr. Khan

Daily Analysis

Feb 20, 2013 Episode 83

To all Readers: This post is not an update, but rather an analysis of the episode!

Today i know exactly who to start with! Chocolate boy Karan Singh Grover!!! Totally stole the show! i totally loved that Mitwa moment when Zoya is yelling Mr. Khan! The scenes was created beautifully and suited everything around them.  Zoya was being a little loud mouth today but that’s what led to Mitwa, so its all good.  Loved how the fight scene was carried out and absolutely loved the fact that Zoya was actually able to reason him out of not killing Raghu in that huge fume of anger time! Dilshad’s effort to know what happened was very well carried out! Well Done Shalini Kapoor Sagar! The Entry of Rashid confused me a little, did they enter from the back or something, cuz wasn’t AsYa standing in the front beating up Raghu! But none the less, Rashid was very well traped, and standing ovation to KSG for the scene when #Asad backs up from Rashid hurt and broken but bound to believe that Rashid is the culprit and executor of the whole Guddiya Factory ki sazish.  One more standing ovation to KSG for the gun scene, extremely well executed scene and again Zoya tried to stop Mr. Khan and glad he didn’t push her away but sad that he pushed his ammi away but the “kasm” was finally able to stop him indirectly offcourse.  Symbolism didn’t go missing by when #Asad says that the woman Rashid murdered must also have a family that misses her, and the fact that the camera was zoomed into Zoya’s face by asad’s showed some great foreshadowing or false lead towards the theory that the woman is Zoya’s mother!  Last but not the least, loved the precap for tommorow! Looks like Rashid finally grew a little backbone to at least try to strangle and blame her infront of the whole family and saying, “Meri biwi ko marne ki koshish kaise ki tumne!”

That’s all folks!

for today at least will do a long update tommorow and will do it early too!

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