Hello People!!! I’m a 18 yr old girl who resides in California.  I have a few things in life that I do, and they are I go to College, do my homework, work two jobs, and fangirl.  I am a very big fan of IPKKND, Barun Sobti, and Sanaya Irani.  After IPKKND ended, I didnt have anyone to fangirl over until I discovered Qubool Hai via a friend, and now i fangirl over Qubool Hai, Surbhi Jyoti, and lets not forget the HOT BOY with Chocolate eyes!!! yeas you guessed it right!!! KARAN SINGH GROVER!!!! I just love the man and I can’t believe it that his Bday is exactly 2 days before mine!!! ahhhh…..I’m on cloud nine!!!  I also love spending time with my family, and don’t get me started about GOD, cuz I am very religious!!! Allah Miyan, What’s wrong with me? I’m blabbering about myself, and about the Blog, I personally love reading Fiction works on shows and its very annoying to be going back and forth pages to look for them.  Unfortunately i cant copy them onto this site so it will have to be a link based Blog!!! Looking Forward to helping fellow Fans!!!

A Quboolian,


BTW (ilovearnavkhush) is my India Forums username so do PM or Buddy me to let me know of any additions, and follow me on twitter (@iloveasrnjazz) for any other requests or suggestion feel free to leave comments!!!

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