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Past, A Window to the Future~an AsYa SS Part 12

Part 12

“Ji Ammi,” said Asad as he got up to leave.  He had just took a step when Shehry came back in the kitchen with a very worried looking face!
“Kya hua Shehry?” Said Asad
“Zoya!?” Said Asad as his face went white as paper, “what happened Zoya!? Is she ok!?”
“What?…..oh! Right! No, Zoya is fine but I’m gonna KILL her!!!! She phoned and told everyone!!! Could you believe it!? She TOLD everyone and I’m still sitting here eating and I’ve never even talked to Najma!!! Ever!!”
Asad couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud on this one!! It was true knowing Zoya, it was expected, but not that fast! They hadn’t even left the dining table yet! Allah miyan that girl! Did Asad just say that!? He smiled thinking how she always said, “Allah miyan, what wrong with you Mr. khan?” He was use to it by now! He found it annoying at first but now it was like a compliment he got from her telling him that she had been paying so much attention to him that she was actually bothered by it enough to say her famous line…….yes! This was the day! When you would catch Asad Ahmed Khan in love and dreaming away.
Shehry had settled down and was finishing his food when Asad decided to go check on Najma and talk to her about how she was feeling.
“Zoya, yeh aap kya kar rahe ho?” Najma was saying trying to hold Zoya hands who was busily tying a blindfold around Najma’s eyes.
“Kya yeh Karna zaroori hai, Zoya, I can’t see anything.”
“That’s the point, tamatar!”
“Lakin aap kar kya rahe ho!?”
“Ho Gaya!!! Ok! Now! Think about your future and dreams and tell me what you see!”
“Zoya? Yeh kya keh rahe hai aap?”
“Tamatar! I want to know what you want! Remember that one time where YOU asked how I wanted my future to be, I told you na! Now it’s ur turn! Challo time waste mat karo! C’mon tellz me baby!!” Zoya said winking.
“Ok! Fine!”
“Uh…….I see him….Zoya unka last name kya hai?”
“What!? Seriously tamatar!? Yaar itna romantic moment ruin kardi ya! Bilkool apne bhaijaan JAISA!”
“Ok sorry!” Zoya Said when Najma made a face, “his full name is Shehryyaar Muhammad Asif! Aur nikah ke baad, Tum ban jayo gi ‘Najma Shehryyaar Muhammad Asif!” Zoya smiled as she saw Najma blushing. What was unexpected was what happened next……
Najma slowly raised her hand and touched Zoya’s face and told Zoya, hmmmm….jaise aap ban jaiyenge ‘Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan’! Nahi?” This time Zoya blushed and Najma said, “arre wah! Never thought I would live to see the day when Zoya Farooki will blush!”
“Tumme kasie patta? Tumhara blindfold acshi tarah nahi bandha kya?”
“Arre Zoya aap ke face pe hand hai mera, aur aap oven se bhi Zadda garam ho rahe ho!!” Said Najma laughing and Zoya said, “challo back to work!” Smacking Najma playfully.
“Ok! Uh……I see him….Asif ji ko Dekh Sakti hu……patta hai Zoya, mujhe hamesha se ek Asia patti chahiye tha Jo ki mujhe mereliye pyar Kare!” Removing her blindfold Najma went on!
“You! You are so beautiful! You are skinny! You eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, do whatever you want, you’re so independent and you’re so brave! I always wanted a sister like you, in fact sometimes I WANT TO BE U! And it’s not that bhaijaan never let’s me do anything it’s that…..well…..me…I Donot want to go outside cuz I’m afraid because I can’t lose weight that no one will like me! I was always afraid no one will want to marry me, but today, today he made me feel like a princess. Like I was the most beautiful and precious thing he had ever seen.”
“Shhhhhh…….Najma……never say that again! You are by far the most beautiful person I’ve ever met! Phoophi ke baad ofcourse!” Zoya said as Najma smiled.
Asad whipped his tears and went towards the door.
That’s all folks!
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Spoiler: Zoya will be successful in revealing everyone TRUTH OF TANVEER!! She will also FIND AND REVEAL that TANNU IS PREGNANT!!!!! She will have proof so everyone will believe her and because everyone thinks that she is married and just RAN AWAY FROM HER HAVAN JAISA SHAUHAR they will let her remain in the house because she is carrying a Baby!!!!