Past, A Window to the Future~an AsYa SS Part 11

Part 11

They had their dinner in small talks.  Nothing unusual because even though every one was excited for Zoya and Asad to enter a new relationship, Zoya was still very upset about her recent relegation of her father.  The way Shehry was staring at Najma and being awfully quiet, Asad knew that he surely felt something for Najma! And not in that creepy “checking a girl out” or “teasing a girl” type of way but rather in a very mature “soulmate” type way! It would make sense too! If Asad recalled correctly he was a firm believer in soulmates! He was happy for Najma! He knew that Najma will make a great wife of her future husband but he always feared that he won’t be able to find someone suitable for his baby sis! But now he was relieved! Even though he had only known Shehry for a few hours he knew the second he made up his mind that he would never regret the decision, so he spoke up, “Ammi, vaise Pehle Najma ka nikah mere se Pehle hona chahiye! Vo larki hai!”

Asad fought very hard to hold his laughter as he saw the way Shehry looked up and his face went ghostly white! That proved it! Shehry had only known Najma for about 30mins and already he looked as if his life had been drained out of him!!! Asad actually understood the love at first sight concept first time in his life! Before Zoya he had always believed that, “Mohobaat sirf waqt zaiyar karne ka zaria hai.” He returned from his inner blabber when he heard Ammi say, “Arre! Ye kya baat hui Asad!? Tumhe Pehle dulhan milli isliye shaadi kar rahe ho na?”  “Nahi Ammi ese tohda na hota hai,” as he looked at his Ammi and told her with his eyes to look over, “Hanna Shehry?” Ammi had looked just in time to see that Shehry was staring at Najma and by the way Ammi was smiling, Asad knew that the seed had been planted in Ammi’s mind, as he said, “Shehry!?” While shaking him!

“Huh!?” Said an embarrassed Shehry as Zoya laughed and said, “Tu to Gaya Shehry!” And then turning around to face Najma and saying, “Arre wah Najma, itna jaldi jadoo chal Gaya Hamari BFF mauhtarma ka ki hamare BFF Janaab to hosh mein hi nahin hai!” And then she got up and ran to hug Shehry as she yelled, “Omg! Shehry you finally found your soulmate yaar!!”  Najma blushed and ran inside as Zoya said, “Arre! Kitna sharmati ha yeh! Wait let me go see!” Zoya left as Ammi began chatting away with Shehry.  Shehry was politely talking when his phone rang.

“Excuse me please.” As Shehry got up and left to answer his phone, Asad found it to be appropriate time to talk to Ammi.

“Ammi, do you think it was a right decision?”  “Yes beta! Tumne bilkool thik kiya! You know Asad, Kabhi Kabhi zindgiya bit Jatti hai Lakin hum insan ko nahi pehchan patte, Lakin Kabhi Kabhi Pehli nazar mein hi app ko paras jaisa insaan mil Jatta hai!”  “Aur vaise bhi Vo Zoya ka BFF Kum bhaijaan Zadda hai! To phir Tum jiju aur bhai honke ka farz adda nahi karoge!?”

“Ji Ammi,” said Asad as he got up to leave.  He had just took a step when Shehry came back in the kitchen with a very worried looking face!

That’s all folks!

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Qubool Hai MahaSangam Promo


The new MahaSangam Promo!! Excited and it looks like Asad gonna confess……maybe!? Or he just wants to say I can’t get married!!…..I hope not……😢 But very excited for the upcoming epis! Enjoy all!
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“Spoiler for Monday : during jasn-e-bahara current chala jata hai! tanveer ne ye sab kia.

zoya ko abhi se shak ho jaega & sangeet me zoya detective banegi. ab dekhna ye hai zoya dhoond pati hai tanveer ka asli face ya nahi.” Credit goes to Asad.Zoya FB page!

translation: during jashn-e-bahar the lights will go out due to TanVeer and Zoya will start suspecting TanVeer and in the Sangeet ceremony Zoya will Play Detective and lets see if our Ms. Sherlock Holmes can uncover TanVeer’s real face or not……….

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