Qubool Hai 26 February 2013 Precap

Go Hassena B finally did something right now I think Dilshad will find the doll!

Guys here is an extended Precap, I think it’s cut off in the episode!

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Qubool hai Episode 86


Episode 86 for anyone who missed out!

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Soulful Connection~An OS on AsYa

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I’m back with more blabbering, so like I promised on Friday, here is my interpretation/views/expectations/dreams about the “talking to Asad” scene!!! I was extremely hoping for their first real hug, unlike that hug in the December 29 episode where he mistakes her for Ayan in the dark when she’s looking for her earring in his room! But it didn’t happen so I thought I could make it happen! After all who has the better imagination than a fan!! Hehe…btw, I don’t exactly remember if I promised, but if I didn’t, we can just pretend like I did, and I’m telling you if I write like this in my EWRT 1B class, actually any class where I have to write an essay, I would have A’s, but lets forget my depressing school life an focus on task at hand, before I get sidetracked….AGAIN! So without further ado, here you go!:

Soulful Connection

Zoya jumped in the room as silently as she could, she could see Asad’s head from the back. He was sitting on the floor leaned against his bed, knees into his chest and his arms wrapped around his knees. She couldn’t believe that this man whom she had always teased him of being a lion, but today here he was sitting like a scared and hurt child. Ignoring the sad feeling she got inside her looking at him, she picked up the brownies and coffee cup she had brought and actually made for him.
She slowly bent down and put the brownie plate slightly on his arm, but he just stared and didn’t respond at all. She sat down and tried again, and this time she at least got a push on the plate. “Fine, agar aapko ko kuch nahi khana hai to your wish! Lakin please yeh coffee pe lejiya!” She moved forward the cup and he pushed it again. She put the cup on the floor, sat against the bed, and said, “yeh aap ne thik nahi kiya Mr. Khan! Aap ko pata hai Mr. Khan, maine apne dil pe pathar rakh ke, apni cooking skills side pe rakh ke, aap ke jaise black n bitter coffee banaiye, or appne to usse asa phanka jaise this coffee isn’t your cup of tea!” After all that blabbering he still didn’t change, so she came back to where she had started.
She slightly touched his arm and he broke down completely! He swung forward and hugged her as if he was waiting for a human touch to comfort him. To say she was caught off guard was an understatement, she was beyond shocked, she hadn’t expected him to react this way, at the most she had expected was that if he was angry he would yell at her, but now she put all that aside, because in her arms was a man whom she had always relied on for strength crying! It felt right that he seeked comfort from her, and putting her brain aside , she did what was right in her heart! She hugged him back, she hugged him tightly letting him know that she can lend him all the strength she had. She ran her hand through his hair as to calm him down, but that did little, so she spoke what she felt she should say, and it was nothing but the truth.
“Aap ko pata hai Mr. Khan, aapki aur meri bilkool bhi nahi baanti, Lakin jab bhi main kissi bhi musibaat mein hoti hu to mere dil mein iik bishvas rehta hai, ki Mr. Khan hai na, vo sab thik kardenge!”
By this time he had calmed down and was just against her soft body, it seemed like he felt comfort there and didn’t want to let go just yet, so she let him be and continued to soothe him and tell him he needed to hear.
“Aur hum kissi bhi baat pe agree bhi nahi karte, aur main to aap ke Ghar mein guest hu, aap ki marzi ke bina reh rahi hu, aur agar mein aap par or aapki strength pe itna rely kar sakti hu to sochiya Phuphi aur Najma kitna karte hoonge! Aap unka Sahara hein, aap iss Ghar ka vo pillar Hain jo is Ghar ko jood ke rakh tha hai, aur agar aap hi toot jaiyenge to….! She just couldn’t finish. She just started crying herself. He pulled back and looked at her, she was crying and he couldn’t help but notice the deep pain in her eyes. He wiped her tears, his expression said that he couldn’t see the tear in her eyes. She should have been surprised, but she wasn’t for some reason! She was actually relieved that he had come back from his little shell. He was just looking at her and suddenly she felt conscious of her surroundings, he had pulled away a bit but still hung on to her whilst she was still running her hand in his hair. She felt embarrassed so she decided to pull away, but he stopped her. She didn’t want to look at him because she knew her face was red as a tomato, but he picked up her face with his hands and said, “Thank you. For being here.” She knew that he may not be a 100% cured, but he was coming back, and that’s all he needed and that’s all she wanted! So trying not to make the situation anymore awkward, she picked up the coffee and smiled a little, this time he took the coffee, and she said, “glad to help, Mr. Khan!” And left Asad in his room alone and wondering what had just happened?

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